How do I get a carpool ride?

Currently, it's up to the drivers to 'Offer a ride' to carpool passengers but you can also request a ride.


1. Go to the 'Trips' section and select which trip you want a driver for.

2. You should see a list of matching drivers, they will be on a similar route to yours. You will be able to:

  • Check their profile which includes a star rating from previous carpoolers, Facebook profile verification and a photo.
  • View their route, see where they're headed to know exactly where your pickup and drop off point will be.
  • Chat with them, if you need to ask them a question or confirm something about their route.


3. When you're happy with a driver on your list, you can start a chat with them with something nice like, 'Please can I ride with you tomorrow?' or directly 'Request carpool' with the big green button!

The driver can then offer you a ride and together you'll be able to confirm the details before you meet.

Happy carpooling!

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