How can I download and sign up with Wunder?

You can download the Wunder app directly in the App Store or Google Play.

Once you've installed the app make sure you coordinate your ride through the app, because:

  • It will improve your reliability score in the app
  • The rider will be able to track the driver location when they are approaching
  • In the end of the ride you will have the price recommendation screen, that is an estimation for splitting the trip cost


Signing up at Wunder is really easy: You can use your Facebook profile to create an account (recommended*) or by using your Email address.

*By connecting your Wunder profile to your Facebook profile, you will look more trustworthy. Maybe the next person riding with you, will know a friend of yours, and therefore knows that he or she can trust in you and is more likely to book the ride. The other way around, people are more likely to invite others into their car, that have social activities on Facebook. Using FB to register is also faster!

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