7 Top Tips For Our Passengers

1) Register using your FB account.
- This increases security as it allows users to do background checks on each other. Knowing that you have a mutual friend really helps.

2) Set your profile properly. 
- Use your real name and a picture so that other users can find you!

3) Take time to reply. 
- Be courteous and reply when a driver offers a ride or chats with you. You can come to an agreement on fare, time and final pickup/drop-off locations too.

4) Confirm quickly. 
- Try to respond to ride offers as soon as possible, don't leave the drivers hanging!

5) Be punctual. 
- Being late is often disrespectful and bothersome to fellow carpoolers. If you are running behind schedule, just let your driver know that they'll have to wait. 

6) Don't forget to rate your ride.
- More ratings create a more credible community. This will also help increase your chance of being offered a ride by other drivers.

7) Build a community.
- Build a network of drivers. Don't just rely on one regular ride to compensate for sudden unavailabilities. Also disconnect users that are badly matched so you'll free up space for new drivers.

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