Improved Matching System

What are we implementing?
With version 4.3.2 we are launching an improved version of our matching system. From now on we will not only match car-owners and carpoolers based on their home and work locations but also along the driver’s route between those two locations. The distance between the route and the carpoolers location is limited to a maximum of 500 meters.

Why are we implementing this?
The idea behind this extension is that carpoolers can also be a suitable match when joining the carpool along the route and not only around home and work.
A carpooler that has his home and work both within 100 meters to the driver’s route, for example, might be more suitable for a carpool than someone who is living and working 300 meters away from driver’s locations.

What does this mean for you?
Ideally this improvement will lead to all people being matched with more suitable carpoolers.
Car-owners will not only see matching carpoolers around home and work but also ones that are close to the route. Carpoolers will be matched with more suitable car-owners that drive along their home and work locations.

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