How do I get a passenger?




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    Robert Parreño

    How is the payment system?

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    Nico Domingo

    how to find passengers

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    Hi Robert,

    There are currently 2 ways to share the cost for your Wunder carpool. Either by cash or by using the Wunder Wallet.


    To do it with the Wunder Wallet you must top up your wallet with enough money to cover your ride. For example, if your ride costs 80 and your wallet balance is 100, the ride will automatically be paid for from the wallet. If your balance is less than your ride cost, no money will be taken from the wallet and you will be expected to pay with cash.


    As the payment from the wallet is automatic, please make sure you are clear on your Wunder wallet balance before you confirm a ride. This will ensure you don't double pay or leave a driver shortchanged.


    Wunder Team




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